Beauty Piñata: Beauty by and for Latinx

Beauty Piñata is an English-language, editorially-focused, positive online beauty community for modern-day Latinas/Latinx: multicultural, sharp, youthful, self-sufficient, female-identifying and feminist, both culturally connected and concerned, someone who loves makeup and beauty but isn’t afraid to not only question societal beauty norms, but to carve out their own definition of what makes them feel beautiful, whether that’s wearing lipstick every day or being comfortable with a bare face.

We celebrate diversity and aim to create unique, entertaining, and informative content that reflects a well thought out mix of culture and beauty. Our mission is to give readers a sense of empowerment, community, inspiration, and identity through the power of makeup and style by adding cultural significance to our inclusive beauty coverage.

While we do focus on a Latinx audience, we welcome those of any culture and provide a safe platform for women of color to discuss and explore makeup and beauty without judgement. Beauty is a diverse reality of mix-and-match until you find something that works for you, and we believe that process should be easy, fun, and productive.

Much like a piñata full of different types of candy, some you’ve never even tried, we bring our audience the latest and greatest in news, tutorials, advice, and opinions in beauty from some of the best, most diverse, and often overlooked voices.


Founder: Bren Gomez
General Manager: Grace Montoya

Editorial Director: Bren Gomez
Social Media Manager: Kacee Silva
Culture Editor: Ludmila Leiva
Intern: Jessica Heredia

We are based in Los Angeles.

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