Your Emoji Convos Just Got a Whole Lot Prettier

It’s so hard to express emotion or action without the proper emoji. If we’re wearing a Korean animal-print sheet face mask, the tiger face emoji just might not communicate that. Actually, we’re not sure any emoji would actually communicate that. However, there’s no denying that Apple’s emoji keyboard is lacking.

It took years to get a taco emoji, and that one even kind of sucks. There was also a flan emoji before the taco, which still boggles our mind. Beautywise, we’ve only got the lipstick, hair cutting, and #nailsdid emoji. As if our beauty routines were so simple.

Thankfully, there’s a new beauty-themed emoji keyboard that’s about to make your convos much prettier. L’oreal just launched Beaumoji, which is a merge of the words beauty and emoji and kind of sounds like Jumanji.


Ridiculous name aside, this new emoji keyboard is just so damn… well, beautiful. It boasts 130 beauty-themed emojis that feature much more hair types, textures, and diversity than the typical Apple emoji keyboard. There are also branded ones from L’oreal-owned brands, such as NYX lipsticks, a Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume, and our personal favorite, an Urban Decay Naked Palette emoji (yassss).

Now, can we please get an AquaNet emoji?

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