There’s a New Naked Palette Coming

Just when you thought your bank account was safe and that you had all the eyeshadow palettes you ever needed, Urban Decay goes on to announce a new Naked palette. Cue all the screaming here, and say hello to Naked Ultimate Basics!

We can’t say we’re surprised. Urban Decay has been releasing a new Naked palette basically every year since the launch of the original. The last one, Naked Smoky, has been on heavy rotation in our makeup routines since it’s launch. However, this is Urban Decay’s first full-sized all matte palette. That’s right: all 12 shades are matte.

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All of the other full-sized Naked palettes feature 12 shadows in a range of finishes, from mattes and satins to glitters and shimmers. They’re definitely fun to mix and match, but if you want to use one for a totally matte look, you’d be limited to using 2-3 shades in the palette. Of course, hardcore fans know that Urban Decay also has 2 mini palettes, Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics, each featuring 6 matte shadows in neutral tones, but those are basically travel palettes, right? And if you think the new Naked Ultimate Basics palette is just a combination of the two aforementioned palettes, you’re totally wrong.

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According to the brand, they “loaded Naked Ultimate Basics with 12 ALL-NEW must-have neutrals, from cool to warm—all with a little edge that makes them Naked.” The brand’s co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Wende Zomnir, also posted on the brand’s Instagram account that Naked Ultimate basics is “the ultimate range of matte neutrals, done the Naked way.”

Between this and Urban Decay’s Moondust eyeshadow palette, we’re basically losing our minds (and all of our money). Naked Ultimate Basics will be available on on September 18th and will retail for $55.

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