Contribute to Beauty Piñata

Beauty Piñata aims to bring our audience the latest and greatest in news, tutorials, advice, and opinions in beauty from some of the best, most diverse, and often overlooked voices out there. That means yours, and we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for beauty news, trends, and feature pieces, profiles on real, everyday women or female-oriented Latinxs breaking ground in the beauty industry, as well as long-form reported features and first person essays on topics of beauty, wellness, and confidence. Essays should be rich in anecdote and explore some aspect of your emotional life, relationships or culture as it relates to beauty.

We are not currently looking for reviews, product news, or profiles on celebrities. We are never looking for content that is hateful or negative toward makeup.

All pitches should include your story concept, proposed story length, proposed headline, photo/image needs, and possible experts for reported pieces — if you need to be connected to experts, please indicate that in your email as well. Be sure to include why this story would appeal to the Beauty Piñata reader: a multi-cultural, sharp, youthful, self-sufficient, female-identifying, culturally concerned and connected Latinx, someone who loves makeup and beauty but isn’t afraid to not only question societal beauty norms, but to carve out their own definition of what makes them feel beautiful.

To submit ideas, please email hola(@) Make sure your subject line indicates whether or not it is a timely piece. Include your qualifications, 2-3 links to published articles (preferably beauty-related), and links to social profiles. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response.

If writing isn’t your talent, please reach out to us with other ways you can contribute. We are always looking for artists, illustrators, models, and photographers to work with.

Muchas gracias in advance for you’re interest. We can’t wait to hear from you.

¡Hablamos Belleza!,
the Beauty Piñata team